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Jeanne’s Jukebox

Here you'll find clips of KKJ music, dialog, and TV commercials. NOTE: The opening/ending theme songs are now hosted by an external server, to reduce bandwidth consumption. Simply download the songs, then use your BACK button to return here. Most of these hosts don't support download accelerators, so please don't use them while downloading.

For the other sounds, RIGHT-CLICK on each sound file, then choose SAVE. The opening/ending themes are available as .mp3 or .ogg (Ogg Vorbis) files — Ogg Vorbis files are smaller, but better quality than mp3's — and can be played on WinAmp. To play .ogg files, make sure you download the FULL's 100% FREE! Below, you'll also find a link to an FAQ about Ogg Vorbis.

**Download WinAmp (Full)** **Ogg Vorbis FAQ!**
Opening Theme #1 - MP3 (1486 KB)
Opening Theme #1 - OGG (757 KB)
End Theme #1 - MP3 (1315 KB)
End Theme #1 - OGG (670 KB)
Opening Theme #2 - MP3 (1424 KB)
Opening Theme #2 - OGG (726K)
End Theme #2 - MP3 (1265 KB)
End Theme #2 - OGG (646 KB)
Transformation MP3 (150.1K) Kaitou Sinbad
Ribon TV ad Toy Commercials
4th Ribon TV ad MP3 (180K) Shoes Commercial
Dress-Up Commercial Checkmate!
The sounds below are from the Japanese
"Rosario Rouge" handheld toy!
Stopwatch Mini henshin
Game start! Full henshin
Demon spotted! Jeanne's attack
You did it! Oops! Try again!

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